ok guys, got the latest B.O.H track up: Ownage! its another soft and hard mix but still work your views and reviews all the same = ) ALSO i will be adding Prey For Exsistance tonight too so check it out when its up = D

join the fan list at:

New Track With HIGH Quality

2010-01-23 09:17:25 by BloodGauntlet

hey boys and girls...benjis back again with a brand new band AND THAT MEANS NEW MUSIC.
no more shit quality!! The Serpents Demise is now here for you guys to hear = D get on it and throw some feed-back my way...im looking forward to reading shit

flash clip + song?

2009-04-28 08:04:58 by BloodGauntlet

hey i was wonderig if there was anyone out there in the wide world of NewGrounds that wanted to join up with me to make a flash clip to put my song to...

just wondering...so post back if you want to (Y)
- Benji


2009-04-23 14:50:32 by BloodGauntlet

hey guys, my songs out now and i was hoping id get some feedback for my work. meh im just bored i guess but id like to know what people think = D


Its Finally Here

2009-04-21 15:04:51 by BloodGauntlet

my first contribution to newgrounds has finally reared its metal head out of itselfs...uhhh self i guess, STILL you guys should check it out!
its took my band ages to write but our song is kewlll = P

hopin you like it!

back again you see..

2009-04-21 00:36:05 by BloodGauntlet

well i just woke up...its 230pm (call me lazy if you wanna = P). anyway, whats going on NG! its a beautiful day and yet im choosing to sit on my ass and blog hahaha...but im outside.

get bored n wanna chat about shitall, talk to meeeeee = D

absolute bordom

2009-04-20 08:19:46 by BloodGauntlet

gosh its a boring night tonight, anyone got any good NG links for some funny clips?
anyway...hope i get something haha.